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Welcome to Franklin Class! 

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Our class teacher is Mrs Morton and we are lucky to have
Mrs Herbert, Mrs Cowgill and Mrs Bargery helping us with our learning.  
There are 21 year 1 children and 8 reception children.

This term our exciting Imaginative Learning Project is called 'Enchanted Woodland'. 



Fun facts

  • There are two types of woodland: coniferous woodland is mostly made up of evergreen trees with needle-like leaves, while deciduous woodland is home to trees with broad, flat leaves.
  • The age of some trees can be estimated by how many adults it takes to hug them!
  • The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest is believed to have been a hiding place for Robin Hood and his Merry Men!
  • A Christmas tree is traditionally an evergreen fir.
  • Yew trees can live for over a thousand years!
  • Generations of badger families can live in the same sett for up to 100 years.
  • Woodpeckers sound out hollows in trees with their long bills and catch insects with a long sticky tongue!
  • The grass snake is the largest species of snake to be found in Britain: it grows up to two metres long. They like damp woodland homes, often hibernating in abandoned rabbit warrens.
  • Fairies love fresh flowers and laughter, but most of all, fairies love music!
  • The beautiful red fox, with its bushy tail and dog-like face is a crepuscular creature. This means it sleeps during the day and comes out at twilight.A fox only uses an underground den when raising new pups.Did you know that as well as whiskery faces, foxes have whiskers on their legs which help them find their way around?
  • The oldest tree in the UK (and perhaps in Europe) is believed to be the Fortingall Yew near Aberfeldy in Scotland. It is thought to be between 2000 – 3000 years old.
  • Leaf litter makes a great hiding place for animals and insects who also love to feast on the fallen pine cones, seeds, nuts and toadstools!  



Picture 1 Enchanted Woodland
Picture 2 Enchanted Woodland
Picture 3 Hatfield Forest
Picture 4 Hatfield Forest
Picture 5 Learning about the Enchanted Forest
Picture 6 Learning about the Enchanted Forest
Picture 7 Learning about the Enchanted Forest
Picture 8 Learning about the Enchanted Forest
Picture 9 Forest Schools
Picture 10 Forest Schools
Picture 11 Forest Schools
Picture 12 Forest Schools

Articulation of Phonemes for reading - pure sounds

Listen to the pronunciation of the sounds we use for reading. Try to avoid using 'er' at the end of sounds such as 's er' 'm er,.

Counting backwards from 20

A fun song to help children count backwards from 20 and learn the sequence.