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Healthy Schools


Thaxted Primary School recognises that the health and well-being of children is vital to their growth and development; it contributes to their long term success and achievements. Our school has a significant role to play in ensuring the pupils here get the best life chances. This is why Thaxted is part of the Healthy Schools network and has validated as an Essex Healthy School in January 2016.

Snack Time
Children in Foundation Stage and KS1 (years R, 1 and 2) are provided with fruit everyday as part of the National Fruit Scheme. KS2 children (years 3 to 6) are encouraged to bring in fresh fruit for a snack during morning break.

Research shows that our brains need water to stay active and alert. All children are encouraged to bring water (not squash or juice) into school daily, in a spill-proof, unbreakable, plastic bottle that they can take home and refill. Please name all water bottles.

Here are some useful links if you require any more information about keeping you and your family healthy.