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Meet the staff at our school!  
Headteacher Mrs M Hughes

Designated Person for Child Protection and PREVENT

Deputy Head Mrs J Brooks Deputy Designated Person for Child Protection, Pupil Premium Lead and Designated Teacher for Looked After Children
Teaching Staff Mrs J Jinkerson Inclusion Manager
  Mrs E Dymond - KS2 Leader  
  Mr L Howden - KS1 Leader  
  Mrs S Quinn - EYFS Leader  
  Mrs S Billings Mr T Brown
  Mrs A Broadwood Mrs T Bryant
  Mrs L Cox Mrs S Marshall
  Mrs M Mayes Mrs S Morton
  Mr R Ratcliffe Mrs J Shackleton
  Mr N Smye Mrs A Taylor
  Mr Q Benziger  
Learning Assistants Miss N Black  Pastoral Care Manager
and Deputy Designated Person for Child Protection
  Mrs D Carter  
  Mrs L Bargery Mrs G Barrett
  Mrs S Barry Mrs J Belcher
  Mrs J Calver Mrs M Chipperfield
  Mrs C Cowgill Mrs C Elderfield
  Mrs J Fallas Mrs S Godfrey
  Mrs K Grout Mrs J Legge
  Ms M Maples Mrs J Robinson
  Mrs V Robinson Mrs D Stowe
School Business        Manager Mrs J Sweeting  
Administrative Assistants Mrs J Kelson Mrs V Robinson
Premises Manager Mr J Overson  
Catering Mrs L Elvin Mrs N Blake
  Mrs S Potter Mrs M Day
  Mrs L Cahill  
Midday Assistants Mrs A Hart Mrs S Wright

Mrs L Bargery

Mrs J Calver
  Mrs C Cowgill Mrs K Culpin
  Mrs C Hobday Mrs J Legge
  Mrs J Magro-Boorman